Brad Spurgeon

Musician, actor, writer at TAC since 2017. Country of origin: Canada


Performance “La27ème heure” for women’s rights May 5, 2019. Paris. Photos Nicolò Giuffrida

Brad Spurgeon, a freelance writer, filmmaker, musician and actor, was born in
Canada and raised in Toronto and Ottawa. As a child age 7, he found in quick
succession his calling as an actor, guitar player and then ventriloquist. Thus
began a lifelong love of the theater and performance, and as a teenager he joined
Puck’s Canadian Travelling Circus based in Toronto. There he worked as a
juggler and unicyclist before he left to work the stages of Toronto, New York
and London. He appeared on a 12-part musical television program, television
commercials and appeared in many bit parts on television and in film. He
studied as a radio and television announcer at the National Institute of
Broadcasting, and attended the University of Toronto, where he took a degree in
literary studies and dramatic literature. He lived briefly in New York City, in
London (where he worked as a bartender in the Green Room of the National
Theatre), Iran (where he taught a theatre class to primary school children) and
Kenya before settling in Paris, France in 1983. There, he worked on staff until
2016 as a journalist at the International Herald Tribune and International New
York Times. He joined TAC Teatro in 2017. He has also published several
short stories – one of which was nominated for an Arthur Ellis Award in Canada
– and an interview book with Colin Wilson, the British writer. In 2008, he
began a worldwide adventure performing in musical open mics, jams and doing
gigs around the world, also creating a popular blog on the subject.