Bonnes fêtes. Buone feste. Happy holidays!

No artist can develop without increasing his self-knowledge; but self-knowledge supposes a certain preoccupation with the meaning of human life and the destiny of man. (Colin Wilson)


Dear friends, thank you for this year spent together.

It has been a year of changes and new challenges. A year lived together,
with the affection of those who have supported us for some time and the
meeting with new friends who welcomed us in France and made us feel
at home. An important year, in which we have seen growing new projects,
in which we have grown, with you.
Thank you!

Cari amici, grazie per questo anno trascorso insieme.
E’ stato un anno di cambiamenti e di nuove sfide. Un anno vissuto insieme,  
con l’ affetto di chi ci sostiene da tempo e l’incontro con nuovi amici che ci
hanno accolto in Francia e ci hanno fatto sentire a casa. Un anno importante,
in cui abbiamo visto crescere nuovi progetti, in cui siamo cresciuti noi, con voi.
Chers amis, merci pour cette année passée ensemble.

Ce fut une année de changements et de nouveaux défis. Une année vécue
ensemble, avec l’affection de ceux qui nous soutiennent depuis un certain
temps et la rencontre avec de nouveaux amis qui nous ont accueillis en France
et nous ont fait sentir chez nous. Une année importante au cours de laquelle
nous avons assisté à la croissance de nouveaux projets et à notre croissance.


Bonnes fêtes. Buone feste. Happy holidays. Da TAC TEATRO

Ass Cult TAC Teatro -Production-Pedagogical projects-integration-
Promuove l’arte, la cultura e l’accesso democratico alla bellezza.


Un petit spectacle au Forum des associations 2018

Dans le cadre des animations du Forum des associations 2018
l’association TAC se présente aux villes d’Asnières sur Seine, offrant un petit spectacle d’histoires, de musique et de fantaisie.
Le pays magique de TAC ouvre ses portes animation forum 2018
Vous êtes les bienvenus
Ass. Cult. TAC Theater -production-Pedagogical projects-Integration-
It promotes art, culture and democratic access to beauty.
Place de l’Hôtel de ville, 92600 Asnières-sur-Seine

Workshop in England

The flow zone

International workshop in England

This three-day workshop will explore improvisation and artistic self-expression, directed by Ornella Bonventre, director of TAC Teatro (Milan and Paris).

A short course of instruction and coaching offering tools to the participants that allow them to guide themselves towards a self-creation, leading to a final day of a collective, final creation.  The course will teach techniques about the use of the voice, breathing, body movement.

Practical informations

• At Braziers Park
• 25th -27th August    09.30 – 11.00
• Saturday, Sunday and Monday
• Sessions £5 each or included for residential guests
See website for further info, booking form and 3 tier rate card according to income. Here’s what’s happening.

Braziers Park is situated within the Chiltern Hills, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the edge of the village of Ipsden and close to the town of Wallingford. To the north lies Oxford and to the south, Reading.

Ass Cult TAC Teatro -Production-Pedagogical projects-integration-
Promuove l’arte, la cultura e l’accesso democratico alla bellezza.

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Private Coaching

A new educational service from TAC

Individual, Private Coaching for THEATER courses, use of the VOICE and CREATIVE WRITING.private coaching
Individual TAC courses are held at the student’s own home or at the TAC offices depending on the student’s desires.
These are personalized courses and coaching built around the needs of each student, taught by experienced teachers in each discipline with proven experience
The advantages of an individual training path:
– intensive work on what you need
– better management of your time
(you decide according to your availability when you have a lesson)

Course language: English and Italian.    Teacher: Ornella Bonventre

To book your lesson, contact us: +33 (0) 6 14 72 16 29